MM018.BAROQUE.710 //

Baroque // Micromegalic Inscriptions.

Source // Paolo de Matteis.

Europe, Spring 2018.


Imprinted on Aluminium, edition of 10.

Dimensions: 80×55 cm.

Baroque 80x55.
Baroque, Matteo Mauro. Sicily, 2018.
Matteo Mauro Detail
Baroque – Detail 02.
Matteo Mauro Detail
Baroque – Detail 01.
Baroque 80x55. Abstract Paiting mounted on Bronze Frame.
Baroque, 80×55. Matteo Mauro, 2018. Bronze Frame.
Matteo Mauro source Painting
Paolo de Matteis – Triumph of the Immaculate Anagoria – 1710.

Micromegalic Inscriptions is an Art project started in 2016. {Read more}

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