Copacabana Sand Culture.

London, 2015-16.


Model // Bronze, PLA.

Location // Brazil.

Tutors // Ricardo De Ostos (Naja & deOstos), Isaie Bloch (Eragatory).


The proposed new landmark building in Copacabana Beach will be an architectural statement of what sand is and can be across Brazil and, generally speaking, in the anthropocentric society we live in. The inspiration comes from sand structures observed along Copacabana beach such as sand Castles and natural landmarks. Is the soaked of life, history and modernity Sand of Copacabana capable to produce an architecture that can research, educate and showcase the known and unknown power and extensive use that sand has in our society?
The design aims to insert itself in to the context preserving and celebrating the Natural Landmarks and Burle Marx tiles promenade. As well as to interact with the alive kiosks, postos and sand castle artist bays. The new building is a permanent, creative, research platform capable to test new ideas and host temporary educational and recreational events.. The “Sand Culture” will entertain and disrupt the Copacabana’s crowd.


Work Exhibited @ Portraits of Nature, Embassy of Brazil – London, UK 19/10/2016 – 07/11/2016


#Architecture, #Brazil, #Model Making, #U18, #Bartlett.