Androscene Hysteria // Digital Sculptures.

October, 2015.

Research supervised by Ricardo De Ostos (Naja deOstos), Isaie Bloch (Eragatory).

These creations, sculpturally reinterpret ideas of ecocritics and greenwashing. The aim is to respond to the powerful and pervasive environmental images via the angle of selected eco-institutions. The image selected was the one of two hands holding the globe; a powerful, recognizable, and well-known cliché, but a symbol resembling the importance of caring for the planet’s natural system. These series of sculptures are created following research carried out regarding ecofeminism. Indistinguishable, scarified hands hold a fragmented planet which emerges from a wild context. The planet splits into two fragments: The ‘Built’ and ‘Un-built’ environment. The ungendered hands get absorbed by the wildness of the un-built, which enfolds and reclaims it. The architectural object reinterprets and reshapes the commercial image and questions the paradoxes and clichés of the planet we live in.

#Design, #Sculpture, #Bartlett.