Micromegalic Inscriptions // Four Elements.

Title // Air.

Europe, Spring 2018.


Imprinted on Aluminium, edition of 4.

Dimensions: 140×140 cm.

Visionary metamorphosis invades the canvas. Air is a vital breath that gives a boost and bends to its inexorable strength the materials that touches, showing them in their becoming, temporary, changing and indefinite. Exactly like the technique Matteo Mauro uses, the result of a continuous and incessant research process that moves his artistic language. A discovery in movement, fuelled by impulses and thrusts of the air element that, as wind, transforms and reinvigorates the ancient power of traditional painting with the contribution of new technologies to establish a hybrid and elusive aesthetic as the force the artwork releases.

Air, Matteo Mauro.
GAM Museum Opening, Air, Matteo Mauro.
Matteo Mauro
Air, Inscription Process.

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