Dolce Metà

Dolce Metà

Full Title // Dolce Metà
Series // Loves who don’t know how to get by in this world
Size // 55 x 53 x 25 cm – 21.65 x 20.86 x 9.84 in
Orientation // Portrait
Classification // Rare Limited Edition
Edition Size // 5
Year // 2020
Technique // Hand-Processed Bronze Casting
Markings // Stamped Certificate and Serial Number Attached
Type // Verified and Certified Sculpture
Finish // High Mirror Polished
Conditions // Mint, as Issued
Serial Number // Marked on Certificate

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Dolce Metà

Dolce Metà

Dolce Metà



To accomplish ‘Loves who don’t know how to get by in this world’, the Matteo Mauro Studio has worked very hard to incorporate the finest detail and obtain the highest quality of finishes. We searched through archives and became inspired by the masterpieces of cast bronze, in particular Donatello’s works in Florence and Rodin’s in Paris. Agents and galleries have been speechless at the artistic quality, both physical and conceptual, achieved in these bronzes. All sculptures are certified and authentic. The instant recognition these artworks have received foreshadows a quick rise in the art market. Hence, we offer it as a great investment plan, besides becoming a wonderful addition to the aesthetics of your collection.


Extra Info

‘Loves who don’t know how to get by in this world’ is a sculpture in chromed and patinated bronze. Its form, from the pure expression of a perfect parallelepiped three-dimensional figure, completes a metamorphosis towards a fluid drapery that softens its shape. The shiny golden exteriors make it irresistible and hide the legacy of a mythological fossil. The classical subject appears, or disappears, in a negative form, as if it had escaped from there in the moment before the observer’s gaze.


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Dolce Metà

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