Full Title // Baroque
Size // 42 x 60 cm – 16.5 x 23.6 in
Classification // Original Limited Edition Reproduction
Edition Size // 33
Year // 2023
Technique // 11 Colours Pigment Ink HD Printing on Certified Museal Cotton Paper 190 g/sq
Markings // Numbered and Signed – Stamped Certificate Attached
Type // Verified and Certified Print
Finish // Matte
Mountings // None – Shipped in Tubes
Conditions // Mint, as Issued
Serial Number // Marked at the Front

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To accomplish these methods of translations from digital to physical, Matteo Mauro Studio has worked very hard from 2015 to incorporate the finest details and obtain the highest quality of finishes. We have tested dozens of technologies to achieve these results. Art specialists, museums and galleries have been speechless at the artistic quality, both physical and conceptual, achieved in these inscription artworks. Which won many awards globally.  The instant recognition these artworks have received, foreshadows a quick rise in the art market. Hence, we offer it as a great investment plan, besides them becoming a wonderful addition to the aesthetics of your collection. All artworks are certified and authentic, shipped from our own studio in Europe.

Shipping and Handling

The artwork will leave our warehouse within 7 days of the order’s date. Matteo Mauro Studio will take care of the packaging and handling of the works according to the highest standards. There are no extra costs to collectors as worldwide shipping is free for these items. Shipping will be via plane to overseas countries and with fast tracks in EU. Once the order is received, we will begin the process which will lead to the collector’s acquisition. Despite returns are not accepted, we guarantee the artworks will be treated with great care during this processing time and if anything unfortunate happens we will operate promptly to solve the issue at any cost.

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