Myself / Matteo Mauro.
My Title / MArch, Bachelor of Arts – BA[Hons].
My Current Location / London, UK.


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Selected Experiences //

Ron Arad Studio (Artist, Designer), The Bartlett, UCL (Digital Media Tutor), Bloomlab London (Designer), Moving Architecture Hackney (Architect, Maker),  DARLAB – Digital Architecture and Robotic Lab (Digital Artist), Sheppard Robson (Architect Trainee), London South Bank University (Workshop Assistant, Lab Researcher), Cre8 London Gallery (Gallerist).

Selected Press //

Quando l’incisione si fa Digitale – Intervista a Matteo Mauro // Artwort, Sept 2017.
Matteo Mauro, digital reinterpretations of Rococo engraving // Figurative Artist, Sept 2017.
Micromegalic Inscriptions – Rococo engravings rethought by Matteo Mauro // Ufunk, Aug 2017.
Rocaille Motif, Matteo Mauro Interview // Kiosk Der Demokratie, Aug 2017.
Micromegalic Inscriptions, I too Was in Arcadia // Kiosk Der Demokratie, Aug 2017.
Matteo Mauro – Digital engravings rejuvenate great images of past aesthetics // Emorfes, Jul 2017.
L’innovazione che Produce Glitch Art – Matteo Mauro // Errore Positivo, Jul 2017
Digital engravings rejuvenate great images of past aesthetics // Le Bien-Etre au Bout des Doigts, Jul 2017.
Fictional Landscapes by Matteo Mauro // Ufunk, Jul 2017.
Fictional Landscape, Matteo Mauro Generative Art // Illusion Scene, Jul 2017.
Matteo Mauro Generative Landscape Paintings // Jhost, Jun 2017.
Re/De-constructing Ecology // Eragatory, Jun 2017.
Once upon a Pink – Berlin’s Tribute to the World’s Most Polarising Colour // Here you Are Berlin, Feb 2017.
Visualising Sound // UCL Doctoral School Art Research Images Competition, Nov 2016.