Selected Press //

[Catalogue] Mauro, M. Il Mio Barocco. // Ed. KōArt – Quaderni d’arte, Nov 2019.
[Amazon – Mondadori] Perdicaro, R. and Cracas, V. (2018). L’Elite Arte 2018. p.363 // Arteitalia, Jan 2018.
[Magazine] Contemporary Identities // Contemporary Identities – Dubai, Dec 2019.
[Magazine] Rusted Radishes: Beirut Literary and Art Journal // Rusted Radishes – Lebanon, Nov 2018.
[Magazine] Matteo Mauro, the Artist // Expo Art – Italy, Oct 2018.
[Magazine] Wotisart #21 // Wotisart Magazine – Uk, Nov 2018.
[Magazine] De Salvatore, R. (2018). Matteo Mauro e l’Autunno Barocco. EuroArte, 29(19), pp.48-49 // EuroArte – Italy, Mar 2018.
[Book Cover] The Art of Research // UCL Doctoral School Handbook 2017-18 – London, Sept 2017.


+ Selected Online Interviews:
5 Questions to Artist Matteo Mauro // Musem Week Magazine.
An interview with Matteo Mauro, contaminations between art and technology, to tell the story of today’s society // ItalyUSA.
Intervista a Matteo Mauro, contaminazioni tra arte e tecnologia, per raccontare la società di oggi // Impresa Internazionale.
Interview with Matteo Mauro // 123art – Artist Corner Mag.
Il mio Barocco – La mostra di Matteo Mauro fra ritorno al passato e nuove tecnologie // Radio Zammù.
Astrazioni digitali: intervista con Matteo Mauro // Forwart Magazine.
From Baroque to the Present | A Conversation with Matteo Mauro // Tax Collection.
Il Mio Barocco e le astrazioni computerizzate di Matteo Mauro // Picame Mag.
Interview with Matteo Mauro // Visual Atelier.
Quando l’incisione si fa Digitale – Intervista a Matteo Mauro // Artwort.


+ Matteo Mauro has been also published on: 

AD, Italy., Italy.

Artribune, Italy.

Artist a Day, Canada.

Artwort, Italy.

Arch-Reporter, Germany.

Anonymous Atelier, UK.

Balarm, Italy.

Baloonproject, Italy.

Booooooom!, USA.

Catania Today, Italy.

Certinews, Italy.

Contemporary Identities, UAE.

Creative Boom, UK.

Controluce, Italy.

Corriere della Sera, Italy.

Cultura Contemporanea, Italy.

Elena Gollini, Italy.

Emorfes, USA.

Errore Positivo, Italy.

Figurative Artist, USA.

Forwart Magazine, Italy.

Fubiz, France.

Here you Are Berlin, Germany.

Hestetika, Italy.

Illusion Scene, Scotland.

Il Moderatore, Italy.

Ing Creatives, UAE., Italy.

Mercurpress, Italy.

Juliet Contemporary Art Mag, Italy.

Kiosk Der Demokratie, Germany.

Le Bien-Etre au Bout des Doigts, France.

L’impresa Internazionale, Italy.

Oscar Pulli Magazine, Italy.

Picame Mag, Italy.

Sicilia Report, Italy.

Sud Look, Italy.

Startupper, Italy.

Tax Collection, Canada.

Visual Atelier 8, USA.

Cool Day, Russia.

UFunk, France.

UCL Doctoral, UK.

Viral Lay, USA.


Selected Videos //

+ Filming and Video Interviews.
MK Semos at Decorazon Gallery NYC – Matteo Mauro Delirious Baroque // Decorazon Gallery – NYC, Fall 2019.
Daniela Vasta al Museo della Fabbrica presenta Matteo Mauro [IT] // Museo della Fabbrica – Italy, Spring 2019.
Matteo Mauro at Museo della Fabbrica // KōArt Gallery – Italy, Spring 2019.
Matteo Mauro – KōArt/Unconventional Place – Andrea Guardo Studio – Farmabarocco // Koart Gallery – Italy, Spring 2019.
Reflections upon My First Hall of Mirrors – Matteo Mauro // The Registi – Italy, Summer 2019.
Matteo Mauro presented by MacS | Museo Arte Contemporanea Sicilia // MACS – Italy, Spring 2019.
Matteo Mauro interviewed at Nanjing Art Gallery China // Anben Studio – China, Spring 2019.
Matteo Mauro Studio in China – Presented by Eureka Art Global // Eureka Art Global – China, Spring 2019.


+ Promos.
Promo – I only Eat Flowers // Matteo Mauro Studio – Paris, Winter 2020.
Matteo Mauro @ Le Grand Palais – Paris Art Capital 2020 // Le Grand Palais – Paris, Winter 2020.
Matteo Mauro – Promo Conferenza Stampa Allianz Il mio Barocco // Allianz – Italy, Summer 2019.
Be Wise, Invest in Art // Matteo Mauro Studio – London, Summer 2019.
Promo – Il mio Barocco // Various – Italy, Summer 2019.
Matteo Mauro – Sunset in Peckham – Documentary Promo // London, Winter 2018.


+ Sunset Conversations (Art Talks).
Sunset Conversations Play on Youtube// Worldwide


Selected Awards //

Gold Award of Contemporary Creative use of Oil Media // Le Salon des Indépendants, Art Capital – Paris, Winter 2020. [Award]
European Excellence of Arts // MEAM Museu Europeu d.Art Modern – Barcelona-Rome-Paris, Spring 2019. [Award]
Premio Arte Contemporanea // Adrenaline Project – Rome, Jan 2019. [Award]
Award for Outstanding Work // Qianjiang International Art Museum 錢江國際美術館 – Hangzhou, Fall 2018. [Award]
Barcelona International Gallery Awards 2018 // Cage Gallery – Barcelona, Fall 2018. [Exhibition Award]
Van Gogh International Art Exhibition Award // Museo Civico G. Sciortino Monreale – Palermo, Spring 2018. [Awarded by José Van Roy Dalì, son of Salvador Dalì]
Premio Maestro D’arte 2018 // Oscar Pulli Magazine – Italy, Spring 2018. [Award]
Research Images Exhibition // Wilkins Building Gallery – London, Spring 2018. [Honourable Mention]
Gli Artisti della Collezione Sgarbi // Collezione Museo Sgarbi – Italy, Winter 2017. [Award]
Research Images Exhibition // Wilkins Building Gallery – London, Fall 2016. [Award Winner]



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