What is it // ‘Sunset Conversations’ is a live stream project which brings in conversation international art related people.** Why is it // It is an alternative to superficial social media content, to build up something with a stronger intellectual value. When is it // Conversations generally happen on Weekend-days at dusk-time (CET). Where is it // The guests interact on Instagram Live-Stream @matteomaurostudio.*
*Write Us to be part of it.
**Conversations revolve around creativity and dreams. Very natural and unpretentious setting.

+ Guest Speakers:
28.02.19 – Radioshead, Nirvana Kamala. Erbil, Kurdistan. [IG]. 23.02.19 – World of Artists Community. Worldwide. [IG]. 16.02.19 – Shira Barzilay. Tel Aviv, Israel. [IG WEB]. 09.02.19 – Rowan Siddons. London, UK. [IG WEB]. 01.02.19 – Ricardo DeOstos. London, UK. [IG WEB]. 26.01.19 – Neil Kryszak. Los Angeles, USA. [IG WEB]. 20.01.19 – Fernando Mastrangelo. New York, USA. [IG WEB]. 10.01.19 – Ryan Burke. New York, USA. [IG WEB]. 05.01.19 – Tanja Van Deer. Beirut, Lebanon. [IG WEB]. 28.01.18 – Carlos Jiménez Cenamor. Murcia, Spain. [IG WEB]. 22.01.18 – Set-up Session with Clafrica Sound Engineering.
Play it back: www.youtube.com/c/matteomauro


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