Be wise, Invest in Art.
An average western-minded person spends between £250 and £700 on clothing or technology on a monthly basis. Metropolitan weekends cost an average of £600 monthly. A poor quality trap lyric shows-off spendings of about £50,000. £10,000 is what a retarded average 300k+ trapper spends on his monthly appearance treat. An influencer would do as bad, if not worse. Yet, people are surprised when they hear the price of ART. Why? Why among your Fendi bags don’t you add something to enrich your life forever? Do you know an artwork last an average of 1000 years? Do you know your £500 trousers will last 2 years (if you remember to wear them). Personally, shame I missed to buy trendy stuff, but with all I spent on my past sad habits I could definitely have bought a good amount of @artshaman collection to watch comfortably on a @iamfm sofa, drinking water from a happy @delamorylabelleza cup.
People, be wise. Don’t consume. Don’t waste your money, #investinart – –

Matteo Mauro