As Lambrate commemorates its centenary, the artistic heartbeat of the district pulses even stronger, inviting enthusiasts and the curious alike to immerse themselves in an extraordinary evening of contemporary art and performances on Thursday, December 14, 2023, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

The enchanting venues at Via Ventura 6, Via Massimiano 25, and Via Ponte di Legno 9 serve as the backdrop for the 100ARTE LAMBRATE event. The courtyard of Luna building, in particular, comes to life, beckoning the public to explore the artistic wonders housed within the historic galleries of the district.

Esteemed galleries such as Boccanera Gallery, Francesca Minini, Galleria Monopoli, Matteo Mauro Studio, and Prometeo Gallery are set to captivate visitors with thought-provoking exhibitions of contemporary art. Meanwhile, Noah Guitars promises a sensory journey through experimental performance, where the audience is invited to be transported into a realm of lights, sounds, and colors.

Venturing into Via Ponte di Legno, ArtNoble Gallery opens the doors to Flatlandia, offering a unique perspective on art and space. This artistic enclave promises to be a haven for those seeking inspiration and a deeper connection with the creative pulse of Lambrate.

Adding a symphony of urban sounds to this visual extravaganza, the event features “PAESAGGI SONORI URBANI” with Livio Magnini on augmented guitar and string instruments, Xabier Iriondo on guitar and string instruments, and Elio Marchesini on percussion. Their collaboration creates a mesmerizing sonic landscape, complementing the visual feast provided by the galleries.

As Lambrate’s rich history converges with its vibrant contemporary art scene, 100ARTE LAMBRATE becomes not just an event but a celebration of the district’s cultural legacy and its unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. Join us on this special evening to witness the convergence of the past and present in a kaleidoscope of creativity.