Matteo Mauro in collaboration with New York-based photographer and make-up artist Ryan Burke created Excessive Portraits, a sensational series of distinctive abstract paintings that challenges the traditional notion of beauty, as pointed out by Visual Atelier 8.

Excessive Portraits consists of a series of photos captured by Ryan Burke and digitally rendered by Matteo Mauro, using computerized painting methods.

Matteo Mauro’s goal is to capture the quintessence of beauty, evolve it and dissolve it into the purity of formless abstraction. The characters in the photographs are extravagantly adorned with make-up, face paint, false eyelashes, props and accessories in a way that goes beyond any familiar paradigm of style.

These portraits are meant to be watched side by side. The first one is the original. As you can see, the essence of the initial photos is still intact, it is just conveyed in a new, unconventional way that transcends form and goes towards emotions. The process behind the painting of Excessive Portraits is based on the dissolution, transposition and loose re-composition of the image.

Who’s Ryan Burke

Ryan Burke is a photographer and make-up artist based in New York City. He attempts to create unique expressive characters that actually push the boundaries of beauty, defy labels and become unrelated to any specific gender, culture and easy categorization in favour of ART.

His powerful self-portrait series and colourful portraiture of other artists express a perspective on human beauty that doesn’t rely on traditional standards but rather on an aesthetic that derives from abstraction, androgyny and the use of unusual materials to create ethereal personas.

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What’s Visual Atelier 8

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Matteo Mauro and Ryan Burke, Nike, Excessive Portraits.
Matteo Mauro and Ryan Burke, Nike, Excessive Portraits.