The collaboration between Matteo Mauro Studio and G|Fashion marks a significant fusion of art and fashion.

Embrace the Essence,” presented by G|Fashion, is a captivating fashion film showcasing the collaboration between Matteo Mauro and G|Fashion. The short film was directed by Paulo Renftle and edited by Stefano Bosatell, with CEO Leanne Li as the Production Manager. The film stars Matteo Mauro, supported by fashion stylists Marina De Angelis and Chiara Sesini. Included in the production team were two assistants Daniel Pontoriero and Gioia Li.

The project was filmed at the Matteo Mauro Studio in the heart of Milan’s Design District, merging where fashion meets with art. This offers viewers a unique insight into the creative process behind the collection. For more details, visit G|Fashion’s website.


‘Welcome to a universe,

where every fabric tells a unique story,

where every creation is a statement of freedom,

where every artifact is a big step

towards discovering our infinite possibilities.’