May 16th, as Milan closes out the spring season with the final Open Art Night of the season. Lambrate Design District invites art lovers to an evening hosted in the courtyard at Via Privata Giovanni Ventura 6, where new art and gallery exhibitions are set to captivate attendees. Matteo Mauro Studio is excited to present four new artworks, part of his Inscription series ‘RAW‘.

These ‘RAWInscriptions represent a bold relationship between Mauro and his typical works. Offering a glimpse into the raw, unfiltered creative process of the artist and his explorations. Characterized primarily by their silver and aluminium structure, these pieces tell the story of the generation. Accentuated with faint lines, whether through color or pure black, they show the growth and expression within the piece. The striking contrast that Mauro creates within these pieces are a calling that evokes emotions and reflections. This unique approach allows the artwork to communicate in a more direct and deep manner, engaging viewers into a dialogue that transcends conventional artistic expressions. RAW INSCRIPTIONS are meant to expose the inner workings and base elements of the artwork. Inviting the viewer to experience a deeper set of emotions and aesthetic representation that serves as the framework to Mauro‘s artistic vision.

Alongside Matteo Mauro Studio, other galleries in the Lambrate design district are unveiling captivating new exhibitions. ArtNoble Gallery is hosting an exhibition featuring innovative material interventions by Valerio Panella and Giulia Mangoni, blending traditional mediums with unexpected textures and forms. Galleria Doris Ghetta presents “The Soft Coating Suspended Between Vertical and Horizontal,” an exhibition by Theodora Axente that explores the delicate balance and tension within spatial dynamics. Francesca Minini is proud to introduce “Intergenerational Forms,” curated by Eleonora Milani, showcasing a dialogue between artworks across different generations, highlighting shifts and continuities in artistic expression.

The evening promises not only a first look at these compelling new pieces but also a chance to interact with Matteo Mauro, delve into the creative journey behind the RAW INSCRIPTIONS, and understand the inspiration and techniques that define his distinctive exploration.

The public is invited from 6.30pm. The artist will be present.