Sunset Conversations is freedom, fantasy and art. It is a live stream project which brings in conversation international art related people on Instagram Live-Stream @matteomaurostudio.

Instagram allows Matteo Mauro to reach an incredibly large audience. That’s the reason why it was chosen as the primary medium of expression.

What’s ‘Sunset Conversations’ live stream project

Sunset Conversations weekly art live show is an alternative to superficial social media content and Instagram Stories and aims to build up something with a stronger intellectual value. The conversations revolve around creativity, inspiration, dreams and contemporary art, and usually take place on weekend days at dusk time, in an extremely natural and unpretentious setting.

The reason for choosing this basic method is to keep the focus on the content, on the substance, on the gist of such amazingly deep conversations between brilliant minds. Mainstream media, on the other hand, tends to use high definition only for mere technicality, to the complete detriment of the quality of the content. This is precisely what Matteo Mauro is trying to point out.

This live stream project has hosted a large number of international creatives so far, including personalities of the calibre of:

  • Brooklyn-based contemporary artist Fernando Mastrangelo;
  • New York-based photographer and make-up artist Ryan Burke;
  • sculptor Ian Edwards,
  • Tel-Aviv-based fashion illustrator Shira Barzilay;
  • videographer, filmmaker and photographer Isaiah Fergusson;
  • Ricardo de Ostos, director of NaJa & deOstos, a studio developed as a platform for experimental architectural design;
  • digital artist and photographer Tanja Van Deer;
  • Berlin-based artist Sivan Karim.

Talented creatives Rowan Siddons, Neil Kryszak, musician Simon Ruf Dug and Carlos Jiménez Cenamor joined the project too, and the list goes on.

The conversations are uploaded on Matteo Mauro’ IG Tv and YouTube Channel.

Stay updated on next guests by checking out the artist’s website session dedicated to Sunset Conversations. Do you want to be part of it? Send an e-mail to

Matteo Mauro