Kiosk der Demokratie recently published two articles, including an interview, about Matteo Mauro’s techniques of computed engravings.

In the articles, the process of Computed Engravings is explained starting from the initial re-exploration of the Rococo art and the Rocaille motif carried by Matteo Mauro in 2016. These experiments led to the series of computational paintings, intended as rejuvenation of post-Rococo engravings such as Kolbe’s ‘I too was in Arcadia’ and the writing of the book Micromegalic Inscriptions. The research on the Rocaille was yet unpublished and this is the first time it appears featured online.

Read the articles here:

Micromegalic Inscriptions

Rocaille Motif

François Boucher – Rocaille, 1740
Matteo Mauro – Rocaille, 2016