Matteo Mauro

Deep in the Art: introducing Matteo Mauro. If you still haven’t heard about Museum Week, it’s an online and offline event that takes place one week a year where a lot of museum, cultural institutions and associations try to promote art and all that it concerns.
In this context, Matteo Mauro has released an interview to the event magazine, explaining his beginning, his art and his projects. Continue reading to know what he said.

Becoming an artist
“I am an artist that rises from an architectural background” explains Matteo. But his road led him to somewhere else: leaving that world has empowered his sense of art, “as a blinded person would develop stronger sensibilities”. From that point on, he tells about his experience in London and the Tate Modern and how it was only the beginning of a journey that taught him how “discovering that sometimes the most valuable pearls, the ones which change one’s life, are found in forgotten places, and very often in unknown galleries or pop-up art scenes”.

The future of art
Matteo then continued talking about the importance of social media in the modern approach to art, on how they help connecting more and more people to this world. “Social media has been a very powerful tool for us to establish our practice”, and “we are glad that a simple tool, like Instagram for instance, is able to offer us a 2dimentional idea of what goes on around the world of art ”. About what he’s planning for the future, he explains that his studio is moving to a better and larger laboratory, so that he can move“[…] towards a production of sculptural pieces and installations”.

In conclusion
As Matteo says, the future of art is participation. To generate “something that can create a pleasant and active community”, that’s the goal. That’s what we’re here for.



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