Matteo Mauro Studio filming Backstage

Matteo Mauro Studio unveils a new TikTok account @matteomaurostudio. The account has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity, amassing hundreds of followers within just a month. While also attracting thousands of views and likes, showcasing its rapidly growing engagement and reach.

Matteo Mauro‘s TikTok account promises an exclusive look behind the curtain of the studio’s artistic creations. Viewers can indulge in the studio’s creative process, being apart of the studio experience while watching from home. Followers will get a taste of the studio’s after-hours culture, from relaxed jam sessions at Uno Lab, to late night art events curated by all those in the Ventura 6 district.

Matteo Mauro Studio’s TikTok is set to be a hub of interaction and trendsetting in the art world. The studio is committed to following back any and all artists on the platform. With this interactive approach, aiming to foster a community of art enthusiasts, inviting them to share their interpretations and engage in a global art conversation.

TikTok followers will be privy to special announcements, including upcoming exhibitions, collaborative projects, and studio events. This platform will act as a direct line for enthusiasts to stay informed and up to date on exclusive previews from Matteo Mauro Studio.

Matteo Mauro Studio invites everyone to follow their TikTok journey at @matteomaurostudio.

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