Art Book – Micromegalic Inscriptions, A Rococo story of Contemporary Engravings

Full Title // Micromegalic Inscriptions.
Subtitle // A Rococo story of Contemporary Engravings.
Author // Matteo Mauro
Introduction Author // Oliver Domeisen
Size // 26 x 21 cm – 10.2 x 8.3 in
Pages // 120
Editor // Le Penseur
Year // First Edition (8 novembre 2018)
Genre // History of Art, Contemporary Art
Markings // Signed on 3rd Page
Conditions // Mint, as Issued


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The meaning of the term micromegalic is excavated within the realm of Rococo ornamentation. Rococo ornamentation is examined geometrically, mathematically, and historically. In this study, engraved prints constitute the main sources of research and analysis. The historical investigation is followed by an exposé of the influence of Rococo principles on a number of contemporary digital creations.The book reports on, and discusses, the author’s contemporary artworks inspired by Rococo prints and their particular techniques of fabrication and representation. These experiments sit within the realm of Generative Art. As such, their purpose is to develop Micromegalic Inscriptions, which are dynamic simulations of both abstract details and fictional landscapes.

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