Rokoko is one of the latest artworks by Matteo Mauro. Halfway between painting and sculpture, the last Rokoko is part of the Micromegalic Inscriptions project, to which Matteo Mauro dedicated his book Micromegalic Inscriptions – A Rococo story of Contemporary Engravings. This book was written by the artist in collaboration with Oliver Domeisen, former curator of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, with whom he explored the research carried out to create the artworks belonging to Micromegalic Inscriptions.

The last Rokoko marks the overcoming of two-dimensional digital engravings and introduces a virtual space composed of pixels that have an artificial life of their own. The mathematical succession of controlled events that generates them actually forms the work. What might seem to be abstractionism originated out of pure chance is nothing but the result of a complex relationship between elements that self-organize to overcome spatial concepts.

Matteo Mauro’s reinterpretation of Rococo in a generative way makes use of artistic whims, typical of the Rococo style, as an artifice to create progressive forms which, from the two-dimensionality, create an illusion of infinity, capable of blurring the threshold between flat surface and sculptural volume.

The last Rokoko has no limits and no restrictions and opens the doors of imagination. The Rococo ornament unleashes all its power and revolutionary charge, sinking into the pixel, the smallest digital visual component, and opening up to what is potentially infinite.

Ipotesi di Fiaba from Blue Rokoko

“Ipotesi di Fiaba” from Blue Rokoko is a new abstract painting by Matteo Mauro. “Ipotesi di fiaba” from Blue Rokoko is one of Matteo Mauro’s new artistic experiments and belongs to his distinctive Micromegalic Inscriptions with full rights.

The starting point, as the title of the work suggests, is Rococo. Matteo Mauro loves finding new creative solutions by connecting with artistic movements of the past that influence and inspire him.

The beginning of Blue Rokoko consists of artistic whims typical of Rococo, transposed by the artist into the flourishing realm of Generative Art, creating imaginary landscapes and fantastic architectural drawings. Fabled, to be more precise. A metaphor created under the impulse of one of the infinite number of software elaborations.

This is the mystery behind Blue Rokoko‘s hypnotic curvatures: a rationalization of fantasy and imagination that goes beyond imagination itself, which is only possible through a process that apparently is extremely distant from the world of free creativity. Rococo artistic whims to overcome illusion.

Matteo Mauro, Blue Rokoko.
Matteo Mauro, Blue Rokoko.