Series // Loves who don’t know how to get by in this world.

Title // HE.

Italy, Summer 2020.



Dimensions: Various.

Loves who don’t know how to get by in this world is a sculpture in chromed and patinated bronze. Its form, from the pure expression of a perfect parallelepiped three dimensional figure, completes a metamorphosis towards a fluid drapery that softens its shape. The shiny golden exteriors make it irresistible and hides the legacy of a mythological fossil. The classical subject appears, or disappears, in a negative form, as if it had escaped from there in the moment before the observer’s gaze. The missing figure is that of Hermes, the messenger. The absence of the figure, concealed by the deep patina, enhances his story: when Zeus decided to separate humans into two halves, he then had Hermes give the mortal a deceptive heart and a lying tongue, so that they could find in love both unity and sorrow. If today someone looked for the love who doesn’t know how to get by in this world but suddenly couldn’t find it, then by looking at this bronze piece they would at least know that it had passed by there and left its footprint.