Fictional Landscapes // Micromegalic Inscriptions.

London, 2017.



The story of the ‘Micromegalic Inscriptions’ begins with a series of morphogenic simulations, which result in images of fictional landscapes. These artworks are mainly created through an evolutionary build-up of lines, generated by the movement of interacting pixels. These lines are subject to rules of composition, weight and interaction. The irregular movement of pixels intends to achieve that “unpredictable swerve that occurs at no fixed place or time”. Therefore, the pixels undulate in sinusoidal paths, according to the mathematical functions of sinx and cosx, interacting and adapting their trajectories consequently. In these simulations pixels seem to have an artificial life of their own. They move and inscribe over time in a similar manner as nature does. In fact, it is time, as if translated in to a written language, which changes the outcome of these works in a linear mathematical succession of controlled events. The outcome of these experiments was an image of lines’ details and a fictional landscape at the same time.

#Computational Art, #Digital Inscriptions, #Morphogenic Simulation.