In Bologna, Italy, the 2024 ArteFiera celebrating its 50th Anniversary succeeds again captivating art aficionados and collectors with its contemporary art. Amidst this prestigious gathering, Prometeo Gallery by Ida Pisani has emerged as a highlight of innovation and creativity, receiving praise in ArtsLife recent article, ’10 Most Important Contemporary Booths Not to Miss’.

The fair consists of two sectors, both the modern and the contemporary. With important pieces reaching well beyond six figures, while the contemporary pieces bring the liveliest energies and the noisier public viewers. Through experimentation, high quality painting, and sculpture, the contemporary sector has brought great satisfaction to the collectors and gallery owners.

Hosted by the distinguished Prometeo Gallery, under the discerning eye of Ida Pisani, Matteo Mauro Studio was invited to join the rooster of artists on display. Submitting two sculptures, ‘Bronze on Canvas‘ and ‘Dolce Meta‘. These were the only sculptures on display at Prometeo Gallery, both cast in bronze, showcase Matteo Mauro’s high standard for materials and form, blending traditional techniques with contemporary visions.

As visitors wandered through the halls of the 2024 ArteFiera, the sculptures by Matteo Mauro offered a moment of reflection and admiration. They stood out not just among the works displayed by Prometeo Gallery, but also across the entire fair. This recognition at such a significant event is a milestone for Matteo Mauro Studio, marking its sculptures as must-see pieces in the world of contemporary art.

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