Matteo Mauro‘s sculpture, “Hands, Eyes, Teeth,” emerges at the end of 2023. This 2023 collectors edition piece is crafted out of white Carrara marble at 25 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm. This artwork continues the legacy of Mauro‘s critically acclaimed series, “Loves who don’t know how to get by in this world.

Matteo Mauro, renowned for his innovative approach in sculpting, breathes new life into the human form. “Hands, Eyes, Teeth” unravels the complexity of human elements and encapsulates them within a sleek parallelepiped. The sculpture’s polished surface reveals a blend of organic forms and geometric precision. A hand wraps around the marble, creating a tangible connection that transcends the boundaries of stone, while an eye, deconstructed and enigmatic, peers from the pinnacle.

This exclusive piece follows the resounding success of Mauro‘s previous collector’s editions, “HE” and “SHE.” “Hands, Eyes, Teeth” is not just a continuation of a series; it’s an invitation to complete a trinity of artistic excellence. For collectors who have embraced “HE’s Hermes” and “SHE’s Nymph,” this new addition symbolizes a reunion with the essence of the human-self, where tactile sensations, visual allure, and the sublime converge in a symphony of marble mastery. It is a displaced self-portrait.

Bringing “Hands, Eyes, Teeth” to realization has been a laborious journey for the Matteo Mauro Studio. The unwavering commitment to detail and an unparalleled finish quality speak volumes of the dedication behind this marble sculpture. It’s an embodiment of the highest standards in marble sculpting, ensuring an unmatched aesthetic experience for collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

Hands, Eyes, Teeth” is more than a sculpture; it’s a celebration of continuity in Matteo Mauro‘s artistic journey. It stands as a testament to the convergence of tradition and innovation, beckoning art collectors to immerse themselves in its captivating story.