Hanna Varga & Sam Dalton run the unique leaves bronze casting studio at the Crucible Foundry in London.

Two talented young artists who gift eternal life to natural elements. Ashleaf InstagramAshleaf Linktree

They will be having a live talk with Matteo Mauro Studio on March the 30th, as part of the art live streaming project ‘Sunset Conversations‘.

Below the Ashlead studio mission:

My mission is to draw attention to the often overlooked tiny details, the fragments and their relation to the whole. The details that are governed by the same laws as all the bigger things. I’ve always been fascinated by organic growth patterns, the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio. The laws of the universe that influence everything on this planet, from the smallest of things. I feel passionate about drawing parallels between human experience and that of leaves, telling stories through leaves. I believe the potential to express and reflect on the human conditions with the medium of leaves is infinite and relevant to our contemporary times. At the same time inspiring others to seek beauty in their surroundings is a big part of my work. I feel, raising awareness of small things already present in our everydays is important and may evoke wonder and curiosity. The very necessary things that nurture appreciation. Another fundamental part of my work is celebrating craftsmanship. Honouring the materials and skills that facilitate the alchemical process is essential, without which transformation of something ephemeral into a more permanent material would not be possible.

Marrying the physical with the metaphysical. Each leaf embodying in itself something intangible that can be accessed through the tactility of its physical form. Consider a bronze leaf sculpture to be a vehicle that takes you somewhere if you allow it.


Matteo Mauro Sunset Conversations