Matteo Mauro Studio launches, “I Only Eat Flowers.” This interactive project follows the success of his 2020 exploration into the realms of digital art and nature, serving as a vivid testament to Mauro’s evolving artistic journey. As we embark on this journey of creating an army of people who only eat flowers, its up to the participants and their individual mindset on how they will interact with the flower.

Through “I Only Eat Flowers” we can explore the symbolic significance of people eating flowers and learn how their metaphorical meanings relate to Matteo’s work. With the project based in Milan, the community is not only growing but allowing the project to connect with viewers on both emotional and philosophical levels.

A zoologist, a neuroscientist, a shaman and a crowd observed an artist eating flowers. Together they got to a conclusion… ‘Chewing and swallowing flowers is an uncommon practice. The lack of knowledge of edible varieties leads to consider the flower an object as beautiful as it is toxic. The artist decides to feed himself only on flowers, in a timed performance: I only eat flowers. The non-habit and ambiguity of the gesture tends to create a response in the viewer that varies according to its psychological substrate. A prevalence of the following reactions has been noted: – Apprehension: The artist ingests poison, save him. – Disgust: The artist makes an explicitly perverse and sexual gesture publicly. – Charm: The artist feeds himself on the cutest piece of nature.’


All the videos filmed so far are available on our participatory TikTok profile: