Spotlighted by The Curious Diaries, an online news publication regarding art, communications, technology and everything else related to innovation and design. This is just another news source to speak on Matteo Mauro’s growth globally, becoming Italy’s most prominent generative artist. Acknowledging the exploration Matteo has made in this digital space, creating life through new languages and ways of expression.

Matteo Mauro Studio goes beyond NFTS and Crypto art, merging human and digital machine building to create sculptures and paintings that give new life to old ideas. Through his series of Micromegalic Inscriptions, Matteo is able to generate pieces that are inspired by ideas from the past, but in an entirely new light. Mauro describes his process as physical and digital elements that coexist and intertwine throughout every moment of daily life. Instead of trying to separate and further these ideas from one another, Matteo uses them to express new concepts without any boundaries holding him back.

Through Matteo Mauro’s generative process he has cemented himself as a lead representative of digital art in Italy. Matteo continuously strives for greatness and continues to work towards new goals, expanding horizons and discovering new ways of creating.

“I find that this artistic movement perfectly embodies my way of conceiving art. – Explains Matteo Mauro – I believe that the physical and digital are not two distinct and opposing worlds, but elements that today coexist and intertwine at every moment of our daily lives, and so it must, or rather, can be also in cultural products. Art for me is a flow of consciousness and thoughts, which narrates a feeling, a condition, a thought, or a moment. And the language used to express these concepts must be flexible and without boundaries.”

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