In this exclusive radio interview at Radio Zammù, the official radio broadcaster of the University of Catania, talented artist, architect and designer Matteo Mauro and Kōart Gallery director Aurelia Nicolosi talk about art, tradition, culture, innovation and Il mio Barocco.

The full interview is available here, in Italian.

Matteo Mauro has created a project that blends figurative art and digital technologies. Il mio Barocco is actually more than an art exhibition, with a series of events, performances and educational activities. Il mio Barocco is like a newborn baby, who got baptized in June. He is now on show at Kōart Gallery in Catania, Sicily and has been presented at the former Benedictine Monastery in Catania, in many architectural studios, conferences, schools and universities.

The project was born in Britain, where Matteo Mauro has lived for many years. However, the idea of reinterpreting the Sicilian Baroque is something that the artist has had in mind for a long, long time. After his international studies which focused on art and architecture, Matteo decided to come back to his homeland Sicily and express his unconventional reinterpretation of the Baroque architecture style.

Kōart Gallery director Aurelia Nicolosi said she was thrilled and delighted to be part of this project that can give so much to the gorgeous city of Catania. She says she strongly believes in Matteo’s talent and loves the unconventional interpretation he gives of the Baroque architecture style. The artist encourages Sicilian people to think about their history, culture and traditions, with an eye on innovation and new digital technologies.

Il mio Barocco will soon be brought to the USA, the Lebanese Republic, the United Arab Emirates and London.

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Matteo Mauro
Matteo Mauro in ‘My first Hall of Mirrors’