From May 31st to July 14th 2019, Matteo Mauro’s contemporary and unconventional reinterpretation of the Sicilian Baroque is on show at the Kōart Gallery, at the former Benedictine Monastery and at Andrea Guardo Studio in Catania, Sicily.

More than just an art exhibition, Il Mio Barocco is a comprehensive project, which includes a series of cultural events, performances and educational activities in Catania.

Curated by Daniela Vasta and Federica Santagati, both professors at the University of Catania, Il Mio Barocco is a project that blends figurative art and digital technologies. Matteo Mauro has been working on it for many years and his research aims to explain the meaning of the term Micromegalic in the history of art, especially in Baroque and Rococo ornaments.

The exhibition explores Matteo Mauro’s artistic journey, which leads from a mathematical, historical and geometric examination of the ornaments to a multidimensional artistic production of paintings, sculptures and installations inspired by Rococo prints, Baroque paintings and their special techniques.

Il Mio Barocco grabbed the attention of the media. You can read about it in many local publications and art magazines, including:

And the list goes on and on, with, Giornale Ibleo, Hestetika, Sud Look, Sicilia Weekend, PeriPeri Catania, Sicilia Report, and Sicilia Fan.

Farmabarocco, the official sponsor of the project, published an article about Il Mio Barocco on the company’s website. Click here to read it.

Matteo Mauro Il mio Barocco