Matteo Maursto Studio Bronze Sculpture

Prometeo Gallery by Ida Pisani is proud to present Matteo Mauro Studio at the prestigious Arte Fiera, displaying “Dolce Metà” (Sweet Half) and Bronze on Canvas. Taking place in the historic city of Bologna from February 2nd to 4th, visitors will have a chance to see a sculptural masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of a fragmented yet interconnected world.

Dolce Metà,” a term that resonates with the sweetness of halves, is a sculpture that delves deep into the complexities of human experience and existence. It is a narrative of a leap year, of 20/20 vision, yet its story goes beyond the confines of time. It speaks of farewells, of a world in quarantine, a testament to our collective sense of incompleteness and disconnection.

This sculpture is a modern interpretation of a classic tale of love and longing, inspired by Plato’s philosophical musings, yet often misinterpreted through the ages. It echoes the sentiment of those who leave, never to feel entirely at home again, anywhere and everywhere. “Dolce Metà” reflects a planet increasingly divided – in races, bodies, and minds, symbolizing the fragmented narratives of our time.

Matteo Mauro’s creation is not just an artwork, but a hovering sculpture that finds its balance in the act of observation. It is a fleeting cut, a representation of stories that end but do not begin anew. This piece, an edition of five, embodies the legacy of classicism, reappearing in art, yet divided and disfigured, a poignant reminder of our collective and individual stories.

As “Dolce Metà” stands in the halls of Arte Fiera, it invites viewers to introspect, to find a piece of themselves within its form. It is not just Matteo Mauro’s story, or mine, or yours – it is a narrative that belongs to everyone. This sculpture is more than an object of aesthetic contemplation; it is a mirror reflecting our fragmented yet inherently connected existence.

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Arte Fiera, “Dolce Metà” stands as a beacon of artistic innovation and philosophical depth. We invite art enthusiasts, thinkers, and dreamers to experience this monumental piece and find their own meaning in its intricate layers.