Matteo Mauro Studio reopens its doors for a spectacular return. Returning from the recent success of the “Four Seasons: WINTER” on Nifty Gateway, and the 2023 Collector’s Edition sculpture, with the entire collection selling out in a matter of no time. The WINTER release serves as a conclusion to the FOUR SEASONS series, symbolizing a triumphant entrance into the Year of the Dragon.

The WINTER drop was captivating in its own right, containing a multitude of work: (I WAS BORN IN WINTER), Edition of 4 – (WINTER’S END), Edition of 4 – (ALMOST WINTER), Edition of 30 – (WINTER PREPARATORY INSCRIPTIONS), airdrop pieces and lastly (WINTER), a one of one masterpiece. These pieces encapsulate the essence of WINTER with Matteo Mauro’s signature blend of innovation and aesthetics. Collectors and art enthusiasts who have followed the journey through the ever-changing seasons can now relish the final chapter, a testament to the studio’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital art.

Matteo Mauro Studio stands ready to embark on a new artistic expedition this year, stay posted for a fresh start and beginning of new projects. We invite those who are interested and curious to delve into the Studio and explore the immersive world of groundbreaking digital art and NFTs. Every stroke, every pixel, tells a story of evolution, innovation, and the boundless possibilities that await in this exciting new year.