The Cabinet of Curiosities, or also known as Wunderkammern, comes from the Renaissance period and was the epidemy of human curiosity and display. The exhibition “Cabinet of Ether” hosted by SPAZIOC21 revisits this concept by blurring the lines between the ancient and the digital, disclosing the tangible and the intangible.

Matteo Mauro was honoured as one of the featured artists at the “Cabinet of Ether” along with Andrea Chiampo, Davide Pepe, Emanuele Dascanio, Federico Fauli, Fvckrender, Hogre, Invader, Luna Ikuta, and Ryan Koopmans. Mauro joins the exhibition with his NFT titled, “An Allegory of  Joy“, a vibrant digital tapestry made of rich colours and abstract forms. The fluid brushstrokes evoke a feeling of movement and transformation that fill the viewer with energy, blurring the strict line between digital and physical.

This exhibition draws parallels from the cabinet of curiosities with pieces from the modern day digital art world. The “Cabinet of Ether” delves into the act of collecting, not just as a means of acquisition but as a statement of identity and social status. Questioning the purpose of collection and ownership in the digital era, exploring how digital art and NFTs have become the new symbols of rarity, uniqueness, and prestige.

Cabinet of Ether” showcases the evolution of digital art, presenting a collection that spans both the digital and physical realms. Mauro works in both realms, developing his works digitally that then are created into physical pieces. The exhibition is a testament to the enduring human passion for collecting, and through this method collectors have the chance for digital or physical pieces.

Located at SPAZIOC21 in Reggio Emilia, “Cabinet of Ether” offers an immersive experience where technology meets imagination, fostering new forms of digital creativity. Opening to the public on March 2nd, the show invites visitors to explore a space where the lines between the physical and digital worlds blur.

MATTEO MAURO An Allegory of Joy