Cyptoart V8.0

ArtBees Gallery and the CryptoArt V8.0 exhibition marks a monumental moment for artists and collectors alike, showcasing the fusion of technology and artistry in the digital age.

From February 25th to February 29th, the IHAM Gallery in Paris, France at 46 BD Henri IV, 75004, will become the focus of the NFT art world as the first in person gathering since May 2021. This symbolizes a significant step forward for the NFT community and the broader art world, as the gallery offers attendees a curated experience of digital artistry.

Under the meticulous curation of @bygrida, Art Director of IHAM Gallery, the exhibition is  set to host some of the most prominent and upcoming digital artists. Matteo Mauro was invited to showcase a piece from his FOUR SEASONS series drop, “AUTUMN“. Known for his ability to blend classical art techniques with modern technology, seeing his version of “AUTUMN” offers a unique perspective on the season’s transition,. The inclusion of “AUTUMN” in the CRYPTOART V8.0 exhibition not only celebrates Mauro’s artistic achievements but also underscores the growing recognition of NFTs as a legitimate and valuable form of art.

Transitioning from the digital world to the physical sets a new standard for how digital art is consumed and appreciated. ArtBees Gallery wants to highlight the potential of NFTs, while bridging the gap makes it more accessible and engaging for a broader audience.

The CRYPTOART V8.0 exhibition is the first in-person NFT crypto art gallery since 2021, marking a new chapter in the evolution of art. ArtBees Gallery is a must-attend event for anyone interested in the intersection of art and technology.