Are you an art lover? Are you a collector? You can buy Matteo Mauro’s artworks online. We have rounded up a selection of some of the world’s largest art galleries that represent Matteo Mauro. Check it out.

Saatchi Art

Based in Los Angeles, California, Saatchi Art is the world’s leading online art gallery, dedicated to connecting artists, collectors, buyers and art lovers. It offers an amazing selection of original paintings, drawings, photography, collage and sculpture by thousands of professional emerging talents from around the globe. Saatchi Art is making the experience of buying and selling art easier, funnier and more convenient for both buyers and artists.

Matteo Mauro’s artworks currently available on are Fictional Landscapes, Peruvian Streams, Mid-Summer Dream and Water Lilies. Click here to like Saatchi Art on Facebook and sign up to the gallery’s mailing list for priority access to special events, latest collections and seasonal sales.


Used by artists, collectors, galleries, art lovers, museum-goers and patrons, Artsy is a platform for discovering and collecting art. It collaborates with the world’s leading galleries, art foundations, institutions and auction houses. There are currently more than 600,000 artworks ready for purchase on Artsy, with new ones added every single day.

Click here to check out the list of Matteo Mauro’s works available for sale on, including Baroque, Rokoko, Cuzco, Long Baroque Blue and Fictional Landscapes, just to mention a few. Don’t forget to follow Artsy on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to its mailing list.

Decorazon Gallery

Among the galleries that represent Matteo Mauro is Decorazon Gallery, an international contemporary art gallery established in 2004 by multidisciplinary artist-designer Hugo Garcia Urrutia. Decorazon Gallery serves as a link between talented emerging artists and both new and established collectors. It currently has three galleries in New York City, London and Dallas.

Matteo Mauro