Matteo Mauro is one of the most acclaimed talents on NYA Gallery’s roster of artists, and some of his most impressive artworks are available for sale on

Matteo Mauro’s original creations available at NYA New York Art Gallery are:

  • Peruvian Streams, (57” x 16.5”) an abstract painting reinterpreting and reimagining rocks and water of the Peruvian landscapes;
  • Fictional Landscapes, (31.4” x 21.6”), computational engraving created through an evolutionary build-up of lines;
  • Cuzco, (57” x 16.5”), sublimed on to aluminum.

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About NYA Gallery

On the charming cobbled block of Franklin Place, in New York, just west of Broadway, between White and Franklin, is NYA Gallery, a three-level art complex recently founded by artist and entrepreneur Shane Townley, already running an art gallery in Laguna Beach, California, to give emerging artists a chance to sell their work.

NYA New York Art Gallery’s goal is to provide affordable artist studios in the heart of Tribeca to emerging talents and give them the chance to sell their creations and broaden their exposure in the art market.

The gallery has 9000 square feet of space for artistic collaboration, exhibition and production on three floors, including:

  • 1000-square-foot exhibition space on the ground level;
  • 24 artist studios on the lower level;
  • 1500 square feet of fine art storage facility on the floor below that.

Shane Townley and his group of gallerists sell 50% of their artists’ work online on, and Townley also launched an iPhone app to help connect artists to collectors.

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