Renowned digital generative artist Matteo Mauro has been spotlighted in the global art blog, AATONAU. Written by Angela Li, the article, “Matteo Mauro: Reimagining Art through the Algorithmic Lens,” explores Mauro‘s approach fusing together classical art traditions with contemporary digital techniques. The blog explores Mauro‘s past, present and future, highlighting his inspirations and where they his artistic explorations.

Growing up in Catania, Sicily provided Mauro with a foundation rich in cultural heritage, which he seamlessly merged with technology. His ideas really started to take shape once he moved to London, the article states that, “Relocating to London proved to be a transformative experience, it was at University that he immersed himself in the confluence of traditional art forms and modern technology.” While in London, Mauro had the opportunity to by mentored by such designers as Isaie Bloch and Ron Arad. His work was heavily influenced from his academic and practical experiences, influencing¬†the creation of his algorithmic artworks.

Mauro artworks are a blend of tradition and technology, taking inspiration from the past while using digital tools as the medium for discovery. This relationship between “man and machine” uses digital technology as a tool for reimagining traditional art, creating artworks that are timeless and relevant. As referenced by Angela Li, “Mauro‘s decision to become an artist was driven by a deep seated curiosity about the intersection of classical art and modern technology.” This has inspired Mauro to craft bodies of work that expose the use of his digital language, creating a new understanding and dialogue that can be considered.

Based in Milan and London, Matteo Mauro Studio channelling the energy of both cities into a creative studio environment. The workspaces are equipped with digital and traditional tools that work to bring Mauro‘s ideas to life. Merging digital and physical tools is essential to achieve precise and innovative art, paying “meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect of his work, from the conceptualization of ideas to the execution of finished pieces.”

Matteo Mauro Studio continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in art, “creating pieces that are both timeless and contemporary”.

For more details, you can read the full article on AATONAU here.