The ‘RAW INSCRIPTIONS‘ series is the next instalment of Matteo Mauro’s Micromegalic Inscriptions language. Matteo Mauro Studio invites viewers to explore the depths of ‘RAW INSCRIPTIONS‘, thinking of the creation as a blend of past and future art forms. Reflecting on the stories behind the piece, becoming a part of this evolutionary journey while reimagining your own.

RAW INSCRIPTIONS‘ reflects years worth of research and represents the culmination, to this date, of Matteo Mauro’s Micromegalic Inscriptions language, through an introspective process of evolution/regression in the realm of Generative Art.

We describe this series as ‘RAW’ because of it’s naked, unfinished, uncooked, intimate, brushed, not pictorial, uncamouflaged characteristics. ‘INSCRIPTIONS’ as it represents an ancestral instinct and urge to mark our passage, the passage of pigment on a hosting durable material, to inscribe with a primordial line sign, in its constant evolution, here expressed peculiarly to our computational age.

The artist is displaying five 130 x 90 cm RAW INSCRIPTIONS, along with one at 50 x 50 cm, realised onto brushed aluminium plates. While the five artworks were created between December 2023 and April 2024, the smaller inscription was created in 2018, as part of an exploration destined to be left to resonate until the concept, and the artist, was mature enough to really embrace it.
The meaning of these artworks is not to be sought in their aesthetic, but in the sensation of reaching the episteme of the Micromegalic Inscriptions research. If the episteme will be reached, there cannot be right or wrong creations. But only a further manifestation of the artist’s journey.

All the artworks do not have a poetic title, contrary of Mauro’s previous inscriptions’ series, but only a sequential number starting from 001 (i.e. INSCRIPTION #001, INSCRIPTION #002, …) to avoid distracting from the progression of this exploration, as the result should not be sought in the title, but in the growth of the concept itself. Each of the five artworks explore a different possible aspect of this language, which is computational in its complexity, yet prehistoric in its reason to be. These five RAW INSCRIPTIONS will set the basis of the artist’s future research during the years ahead.