Sicilia Report Magazine which covers all important culture, politics, sports, economy, science, environment, technology, and health news, published an article about Matteo Mauro and his involvement in the design festival Barocco & Neobarocco.

Barocco & Neobarocco festival offers the opportunity for a comparison on the tones of neo-baroque design, intended as a contemporary interpretation of that baroque aesthetic that has marked the history. The festival has the patronage of territorial bodies and national institutions such as ADI, Accademia di Brera, Accademia di Carrara, University of Naples Luigi Vanvitelli, IULM, Order of Architects, and the support of entrepreneurial realities spread throughout the national territory. Within this festival, organized by Roberto Semprini and Valentina Fisichella, Matteo Mauro will present Il Mio Barocco, an exhibition curated by Chiara Castro and Aurelia Nicolosi.

Here’s what Matteo said about the sculptures he will present at this festival: “These sculptures are the result of a leap year that counts 20/20. They are stories of separations. Stories from a world in quarantine. The daily story of feeling incomplete, broken. The story of lives surrounded by an eroding Baroque and a contemporary one, which is slow in arriving in our land. They are stories about love written by Plato and misunderstood by the whole world. They are the story of people who emigrate and will no longer feel at home anywhere and in all places. Of an increasingly divided world, of increasingly divided races, of an increasingly divided body and mind. It is the forms of stories that end, but then do not start again. They are the legacy of a classicism that reappears in art but is divided and disfigured. Sculptures in the balance that find a balance at the moment in which they are observed. They are a bit of the history of the Baroque.”

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Il Mio Barocco personal di matte mayor chiefs di San Vincenzo Ferrari