“Now I just want to breathe deeply and keep on creating”

Matteo Mauro has recently moved his Studio to a top floor atelier in Sicily. He’s currently working on a series of paintings named ‘Baroque‘.  The new studio will open throughout the whole length of his residency, currently 12 months. Sicily is not just is homeland, but a great standing example of Baroque Art and Architecture. The artist is currently working on his next solo shows, which will include fresco paintings and contemporary installations in his personal reinterpretation of the style Baroque.

.Studio Address //
Palazzo Manganelli-Borghese
95124 Catania, Sicily, Italy

Send an email to mail@matteomauro.com to arrange your visit. The artist will take you through his latest paintings and show you the work in progress.

Matteo Mauro in his new atelier.
Matteo Mauro in his ‘Atelier in Terrazza’.