On the 9th of September at 13:00, the Lugano Convention Centre will play host to a captivating talk event titled “From Brushes to Bytes, Art Evolving,” featuring the renowned generative artist, Matteo Mauro. This talk promises to delve into the intriguing intersection of art and technology, addressing pressing questions that have been reshaping the contemporary art world.

  • The Influence of Digital Technologies: Mauro will explore how new digital technologies are reshaping the evolution of art. He’ll shed light on how tools like digital painting software and generative algorithms have expanded the horizons of artistic expression.
  • Challenges Faced by Artists: In the face of technological transformations, artists encounter unique challenges. Mauro will discuss the hurdles artists must overcome to adapt to this ever-changing landscape and maintain their authenticity.
  • Overcoming Physical and Cultural Boundaries: The talk will examine how digital art can transcend traditional physical and cultural boundaries, enabling artists to connect with audiences across the globe. Mauro’s own experiences in this arena will provide valuable insights.
  • The Potential of Artificial Intelligence: The role of artificial intelligence in contemporary art will be a focal point. Mauro will discuss how AI can be harnessed to create groundbreaking works and push the boundaries of artistic creativity.
  • Blending Traditional Techniques and Technology: Mauro will elaborate on the effective fusion of traditional artistic techniques with new technologies, offering examples of how artists can blend the old and new seamlessly.
  • Digital Art’s Impact on Accessibility: Accessibility is another critical topic. The speaker will explore how digital art enhances the accessibility and enjoyment of artworks for diverse audiences, transcending physical limitations.
  • Valuing Digital Art: Evaluating the artistic value of digital works compared to traditional art will be discussed, shedding light on the evolving standards in the art world.
  • Social and Cultural Consequences: Mauro will touch upon the social and cultural implications of digital art’s adoption, highlighting how it’s changing the way we perceive and interact with art.
  • The Future of Art: In a forward-looking segment, Mauro will speculate on how art will continue to evolve in the face of emerging technological innovations.

Matteo Mauro’s talk promises to be a thought-provoking journey into the fascinating realm where art and technology converge. For artists, enthusiasts, and anyone curious about the evolving landscape of creativity, this event at the Lugano Convention Centre is a must-attend. Prepare to be inspired by the boundless possibilities that arise when brushes meet bytes, and traditional art converges with the digital frontier.