In near future, you’ll be able to bid for Matteo’s artworks in auctions on the Foundation platform.

Foundation is a platform that enables art creators to auction their digital artworks as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. In case you didn’t know NFT or non-fungible token which is a group of data stored on a digital library called a blockchain. They are unique, limited, and they can represent a wide assortment of digital files.

Make sure to visit our NFT shop on Foundation by clicking the link below this article and bookmark it. Very soon you’ll be able to try to get your hands on some of the artworks from our awarded artist Matteo Mauro.

When you collect art, you’ll experience a feeling of independence, optimism, and hope. Contributing equally to this system and using our resources to help each other out, we build a mutually beneficial community.

Matteo Mauro’s NFT Shop on Foundation