Matteo Mauro and his NFTs we’re the topic of the article published on Glam and Fashion News, which is a website covering news from all aspects of life and business. The article is inspired by an interview that Matteo Mauro gave to Cryptonomist, about the tokenization of his artworks.

Authorities say that this sector will encounter exponential growth in the imminent years, specifically now that most artworks are being tokenized. They quote Matteo when said; “This need stems from the demand of our collectors, who were the first to ask us to tokenize the artworks. As a result, we decided to offer this possibility at a symbolic price to all our historical buyers. In addition, to celebrate the beginning of this process, we decided to give each of them a first NFT limited edition”.

That’s a unique plan that will lead to the expansion of their already acquired artworks and a certificate of authenticity protected by a blockchain. Authorities honor Mauro’s choice because it’s a distinct plan to make the best use of this technology. For those still green when it comes to NFTs, they can be best described as computer files mixed with evidence of possession and authenticity, with a unique price set by the highest bidder.

You can read the original article by clicking the link below, and Matteo’s NFTs can be found on Foundation and Opensea marketplaces, and feel free to check them out. The first Matteo Mauro’s NFTs are from his most-awarded work, Baroque, which is his interpretation of the baroque style inspired by Paolo de Matteis and his 18th-century Triumph of the Immaculate Conception.

Matteo Mauro Studio first to offer tokenization of physical artworks to his collectors