Matteo Mauro has created his first installation: My first Hall of Mirrors – this is the title of the installation – is inside the Koart gallery, a contemporary art in Italy.

For this artwork, the artist has chosen to use mirror and aluminium: with these two materials he has created an installation of twelve square meters and that has 30 reflective surfaces – the ones with mirror – and 30 absorbent surfaces, the ones with aluminium.

What is the meaning of My first Hall of Mirrors?

The artist loves baroque and he has demonstrated it with his previous artworks. In this installation mirrors are used not only to reflect, but to create. The main idea behind the artwork is giving the opportunity to go somewhere never explored before. 

Spectators will have an immersive experience thanks to the 3D visor they will be asked to wear. This will allow them to explore a new reality and to rediscover baroque art: this installation has been defined the darkest baroque tumult by the artist himself.

More about Koart Gallery and Picame

My first Hall of Mirrors – the title suggests that this artwork will be only the first of a series – is hosted in the Koart gallery, which collects best contemporary artworks. The gallery is in Catania and it is famous for successful exhibitions it has organized, in order to let interested people discover the best contemporary artists.

Matteo Mauro is one of the artists of this gallery and he has been chosen for his digital art and his sculptures. In the gallery spectators will find artworks of young artists, but also installations and artworks of established artists, such as Mario Schifano.

Picame is a web magazine that celebrates best projects. This magazine often writes in its art section about Matteo Mauro and his artworks, both to inform about new exhibitions and to explain what his artworks mean.

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