The nineteenth session of Sunset Conversations is available on Matteo Mauro’s Instagram page and YouTube Channel.

The new guest is artist, sculptor and performer Federico Clapis, one of the most unique artists of our time. Click here to watch Italian contemporary artists Matteo Mauro and Federico Clapis converse in English about art, creativity, introspection, technology and their mission to use Social Media to give art a voice.

Matteo Mauro and Federico Clapis share the need to add content of greater cultural value on Social Media.

Social Media enable anyone to become active creators of contents. Social Media like YouTube and Instagram enable people to communicate with each other actively, create and exchange information. Both Matteo Mauro and Federico Clapis think that with content of greater cultural value, social networks would have the potential to become a great source of inspiration and profound motivation.

Italian artist and sculptor Federico Clapis has achieved success in a way that is definitely far from obvious. His career started on social networks, where he reached millions of followers and fans with his funny videos and viral sketches. Then he decided to show himself as he really is: an innovative artist who questions reality and preconceptions with his works.

Click here to watch the full conversation, with exclusive tour of his studio.

Who’s Federico Clapis

Federico Clapis was born in Milan in 1987. He started working on communication and youth events at a very young age, and at the age of 23 he founded his video production company.

In 2012 he opened his own YouTube channel: House comedy music. In 2015 he took part in the feature-length film “Game Therapy”. He is the author of the musical work “Dai cazzo Federico” with Italian rapper Fedez.

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