Matteo Mauro is back with the eighteenth session of Sunset Conversations, available on his Instagram page and YouTube Channel.

This time, he sat in conversation with Colorado-based contemporary artist Dylan Gebbia-Richards, whose large-scale, textured, fluorescent works inspired by the vastness of the natural world push boundaries, employing both the accidental and purposeful.

This incredibly talented artist creates explosive symphonies of vivid colours by layering droplets of melted wax and coloured pigments onto the surface of his work and creating unruly patterns and breathtakingly colourful textures. He mixes different colours and shapes on canvas to create multi-coloured, three-dimensional paintings that appear as if they have been created by an otherworldly volcanic eruption. The impact of his giant, fluorescent, impressive paintings is extremely strong. They expand outwards, escape from their canvas and engulf the viewer.

Scale, form and a bold colour palette are used to create environments that look like alien lands made of fluorescent melted rock, where organic forms are shrouded in an artificial cover. Gebbia-Richards’ use of bold colours adds a hint of magic to each creation.

Dylan Gebbia-Richards’ work is driven by a constant desire for discovery and his painting process is evolutionary. Just like Matteo Mauro, he explores the capabilities of his mediums and the infinite possibilities of the imagination. They both draw inspiration from the force of Nature and make it into abstract art.

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Who’s Dylan Gebbia-Richards

Dylan Gebbia-Richards is an American contemporary artist who was born in 1992. He has showcased extensively in Colorado, United States. His artworks has already been featured at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, at the David B. Smith Gallery in Denver and in a group exhibition with Georgia O’Keeffe at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas.

For further information on Dylan Gebbia-Richards and to view more of his work, visit his website, and click here to follow him on Instagram.