In his new YouTube video titled “Be Wise, Invest in Art – Message from an Art Activist @ Matteo Mauro,” London-based, Italian contemporary artist Matteo Mauro shares his view about contemporary art and its value. He talks about the importance of investing in art rather than wasting money in mindless shopping and useless consumerism.

He says, “We buy things we don’t use. We buy things we easily forget in wardrobes. We buy things we easily throw away.” He further states, “Do you invest in art? Do you realize the value and joy an artwork can bring to your life, to your house, to your studio or to your office? It’s going to be with you forever. But oftentimes, people complain when they hear the price of a painting: they tend to forget that we artists spend hours on the job, we invest in quality materials, etc. before it’s done. ”

Art activist Matteo Mauro’s message is clear and strong: spend your money on art that will enrich your life forever rather wasting money in useless consumerism.

His point is that we should be prudent with our spending and invest wisely. An average Western-minded person spends between £250 and £700 on clothing every month. Metropolitan weekends cost an average of £600 every single month. Why then do people get so surprised when they hear the price of a single painting?

An artwork is an investment you are going to live with every day. Be wise, don’t waste your money in the wrong way: invest in art that will last forever.

Matteo Mauro