MM019.SOCIAL.MEDIA.MAKES.US.SUFFER. // [Click Here For More Info]

Series // Social Media Makes us Suffer.

Title // Beauty is Temporary, Ugliness Lasts Forever.

Italy, Fall 2019.


Medium: Oil on Canvas.

Dimensions: 40×60cm.

I like when paint builds up and extends itself in space. Looks like it fights gravity and the flat dimension of paintings. It holds the artist’s gesture and seems a moving fluid, while it is solid. I find funny how anything made on or to a canvas gets to be called a painting, no matter how or what that is. I guess it is because the only function of the canvas is to become a painting. Similarly, when an object enters a gallery is soon called an artwork, no matter how ordinary that is, as soon as it is exhibited it looses its original function and opens the doors to new arguments and justifications. Almost as it is the gallery’s function to make artifacts becoming art, or at least to validate artist’s intuitions. Canvas and gallery have lots in common; They are both validating institutions.
The art world is full of fun and controversy, that is why I love it. The first person who stepped in my studio while I was creating this coloured plate asked me, ‘Is that a painting?’, I thought about it and smiled. The question was right, the answer isn’t obvious.

Matteo Mauro