Matteo Mauro in Milano Headquarters

During a time when the NFT world has been navigating the turbulent waters of a bear market, there shines a beacon of hope and inspiration in the form of Matteo Mauro. It is with immense gratitude that we acknowledge and show gratitude regarding the recent news article that has shed light on the studios exceptional journey in the ever-evolving world of cryptoart.

The NFT landscape, which had seen explosive growth with $2.8 billion in sales back in 2021, underwent a significant transformation, with a staggering 97% decline in sales over the past two years. An astounding 79% of the NFT works remained unsold. However, amidst this turbulence, the attention from true connoisseurs of art remains undiminished.

The world of cryptoart, less influenced by media hype, continues to flourish quietly, away from the cacophony of speculation. Recent record auctions at prestigious houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s on generative art sold as NFTs have proven that the allure of genuine artistic expression endures, surpassing the volatile trends of the market.

In this ever-changing landscape, Matteo Mauro stands as a shining example of an artist who has utilized the power of NFTs to elevate the value of his works. The “4 Seasons” series, created within the last year, has reached an impressive $200,000 in value, defying the odds of the NFT bubble burst. This is a testament to the enduring value of art that transcends market fluctuations.

The ‘4 seasons‘, presented at auction by NiftyGateway, the world’s largest NFT art retailer, have outperformed NFTs from renowned artists like beeple, Paris Hilton, and Starbucks. With each season – Spring, Summer, and Autumn – generating considerable interest and selling out within hours, the demand for Matteo Mauro‘s work has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Matteo Mauro‘s ‘4 Seasons‘ collection captures the very essence of each season, transforming them into tangible yet abstract masterpieces. His creations invite us to ponder the multifaceted nature of time, where dreams, memories, and emotions intertwine to create a profound experience for each viewer.

In the midst of a maturing NFT market, Matteo Mauro emphasizes the importance of creating art with enduring value, “To create valuable NFTs today, it is necessary to understand the dynamics of an ever-changing movement, to use one’s artistic language, and, most importantly, to create something that transcends mere market demand, embodying an ethereal and eternal value.”

Matteo Mauro‘s success is a testament to the enduring power of art in the digital age, and we are truly grateful for the opportunity to celebrate his remarkable journey in the world of NFTs.

Access the Article Here, the last season, ‘ALMOST WINTER‘, is coming soon!