GART G R O UP Exhibition

Galleria d’Arte (GART) is set to host a group exhibition, ‘Gro Up‘ at their location in Neive, Via Rocca 31. Featuring five pieces from Matteo Mauro Studio, while including works by other established artists as well. This event marks a fusion of artistic innovation and technological prowess, offering a showcase of diverse languages experimented over the past two years by the gallery’s prominent artists.

With a rich history of supporting artists from various genres and backgrounds, GART provides the perfect backdrop for this groundbreaking event. The gallery’s commitment to fostering creativity and nurturing emerging talents makes it the ideal venue for an exhibition that pushes the boundaries of artistic experimentation. As a groundbreaking collaboration, GART partners with, a dynamic startup and software house based in Milan. The highlight of this artistic convergence is the unveiling of the cutting-edge “Tria Holographic Visualizer,” an innovative technological device poised to revolutionize the art world. Tria Holographic Visualizer introduces a pioneering platform dedicated to digital art, displaying the holographic works of the world’s most sought-after artists.

Tria Holographic Visualizer brings to life the ethereal visions of nine highly collected artists, including Matteo Mauro. This mesmerizing experience allows art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in an alternate artistic dimension. It’s a remarkable leap into a new era of artistic expression, combining tradition with cutting-edge technology. The pieces from Mauro include two black bronze sculptures, titled ‘He‘ and ‘She‘. In addition to three paintings from the Micromegalic Series : Wit. These include ‘An Allegory of Truth‘ and ‘Fragments of Joy‘, and a unique rare piece, a ‘The Kingdom of Blue‘.

The ‘Gro Up‘ exhibition is a unique fusion of tradition and innovation. Spotlighting Matteo Mauro and a diverse group of both established and emerging artists, It’s a testament to the gallery’s commitment to pushing and highlighting artistic boundaries. Don’t miss your chance to witness this artistic revolution at GART, from October 26th to December 22nd, the ‘Gro Up‘ exhibition promises a transformative experience that redefines the art world.

The Kingdom of Blue – 90×120