Kiwi NFT Magazine recently published an interview with Matteo Mauro. Kiwi NFT is a place for resources and news about NFTs. It’s the biggest database of NFT projects, an academy with tutorials, news, events, and other material about NFT. In this interview, among many interesting things Matteo talks about his start with NFTs, his inspirations, and his impressions. So let’s see what was it about.

The interview started with a question about when and how did Matteo find NFTs. Matter said that the first time he heard of Non-Fungible Tokens was back in 2018, thanks to his friend and an IT professional and technology lover who instructed him to use NFTs as certificates of authenticity for his physical artworks.

On a question about inspiration, Matteo said: “Our creative process starts with the research and the study of the classical standards. New and old painting and drawing technologies are our main areas of interest. Of course, the infinite scrutiny of successful NFTs in the various marketplaces, are also leading artists to new ways of representing and animating their thoughts, as if a new crypto-art style is becoming a leading art style too, where artists influence and inspire each other”.

When asked about the major difference between CryptoArt and all the other art Matteo said that he feels no differences at all when approaching a crypto-art project compared to a physical art project and that he is often driven by the same creative process and apply the same rules.

On the question about the future of NFTs Matteo said that There will be lots of surprises and amazing projects coming out of it. We will finish this article quoting Matteo’s advice for artists who are only starting with NFTs: “Take your time to find your language, study the best artists in history and the current scene and try to figure out what makes them as distinguished as they are. Don’t rush just because you see the possibility to make quick money. Money doesn’t give long-lasting happiness, Art does”.

You can read the full interview by clicking the link below:

Kiwi NFT Interview With Matteo Mauro